Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone came to work – each and every day of the week – excited about being there, fully engaged, focused and willing to do whatever it takes? You might be one of the lucky managers whose people already fit this description. If so, then keep on doing what you’re doing, stop reading and go back to what you are already doing so well.

Now, if for some reason your employees aren’t as excited about their jobs as you would like them to be or if they are not fully engaged or giving their best, then I’ve got something you might like to know.

Motivating people is what it’s all about, and, while you can’t reach into someone’s head and push their motivation button, you can create the kind of environment that will result in motivated employees.

Let me let you in on a little secret to motivation: it’s the #1 Universal Law of Management. I learned it years ago and it works every time. You may think you already know what it is – something like “He who holds the gold rules,” or “Do unto others before they do unto you” – but you would be wrong. It’s a simple law that can save you countless hours of frustration and extra work while saving your organization many thousands, or perhaps even millions, of dollars.

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