Just Give Me 2 Days With Your People

First and foremost, my unconventional training methodology is to help people get reacquainted with who they actually are and their true potential before I dive into the training topic at hand.

As an independent consultant, I offer a two-day program; the first day is to get people to remember their potential and the second and sometimes a third day is all about the training topic. People always execute better when they’re inspired and eager to change.

As a contract facilitator, I am caring, passionate and a force of nature who gets on a project and goes after it. I don’t need my hand held every step of the way.

I have a head full of ideas, I’m humble and extremely fun to be with. I am loyal. I can communicate at all levels to maintain client relationships. I can assess client needs and offer awesome solutions.

Remembering Our Potential

My approach isn’t psychotherapy; it’s not intellectual theory or new-age spirituality or religious in any way. I know it sounds cliche, but my unconventional training helps people “Wake Up” and remember their unused potential that’s inside them lying dormant. Then, I challenge people to challenge their approach to their personal goals and professional performance. This approach always gets people fired up!


Like it or not, we’re all conditioned, we’re all labeled and molded throughout most of our life. You name it, relationships, career, money, and beliefs that shape our self-perception about who we think we are and who we’re supposed to be.

On top of that, our own continually running inner dialogue compares us to others and can antagonize us about who we think others are supposed to be and what we think others are supposed to be doing.

Experientially, I’ve learned that no matter what I think or what the conditions of my life are, I have total control over that inner dialogue which ultimately shapes every aspect of my life. I call it “The Ability to Respond,” the ultimate definition of responsibility.

Workplace Clashes

When people lose sight of who they fundamentally are and what their real potential is, it creates misperceptions that will likely clash in the workplace. So I strive to help people bring their potential out of hibernation.

My Mission

As a responsible facilitator, I bring awareness to our external conditioning and our inner dialogue. I get people to see how both guide our choices and how they create our bottom line results.

My job is to transform alternative learning experiences into behavior change. 

My role is not to try to change people into being someone or something they’re not. I mix logic with responsibility which helps to spark the desire to create personal change. Personal change always spills into the professional workplace.

How My Methodology Helps Organizations

  • Gets people back in touch with their abilities and to get serious about challenging their own performance.
  • Gets people to drop their ego at the door and work on creating genuine relationships.
  • Gets people to behave appropriately professional.
  • Gets people to respect the rights of others to express their own emotions and opinions.

Bottom Line

When people get reacquainted with their true and authentic self, it’s always a revolutionary, life-changing insight for them.